Winthrop COVID-19 Information

Welcome to the Winthrop House COVID-19 information page. This webpage will highlight information helpful to you as a resident of Winthrop.

All individuals living on campus must adhere to all of the rules and guidelines outlined in the Community Compact.

This spring, safe practices will be used specifically to guide a color-coded system of phased campus reopening. Please find the current campus status level here. Please familiarize yourself with your by reviewing the coloring system guide.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What should I expect if placed in isolation or quarantine?
    You can find information and protocol for quarantine here. Additionally, you can reach out to your Resident Dean and/or entryway tutor for support during isolation and quarantine.
  • What is the visitation/socialization policy for the spring 2021 semester?
    Visitation and socialization rules differ according to the color level. See here for the current level and more details:
  • How is Winthrop House mitigating risk of spreading the virus in the residence halls and university-owned apartments?
    We have de-densified measured common walkways, hallways and spaces within our house with frequent traffic to ensure that there is ample space when students are in passing or among each other. Our wonderful facilities staff has also committed to ensuring that our space is cleaning regularly and that sanitizing stations are within reach throughout our house. Additionally, as part of living in a community, we all have a responsibility to care for each other. This means every student also plays an active role in abiding by the community compact. This includes (but is not limited to) respecting physical distancing, monitoring your symptoms, washing your hands regularly, and wearing cloth face coverings in public areas.
  • Are the laundry rooms in residence halls going to be sanitized as well as have a capacity rule?
    Yes, they will be cleaned daily and capacity will be listed. It is important to comply with requests for only *3 individuals to occupy the room at a time.
  • How should I proceed if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to the virus?
    In the event that you test positive, you should follow protocol immediately listed here. 
  • Will there be study space available for students to use?
    Yes, when the campus reaches at least the Yellow phase (coloring system guide). See for the open locations in the College. Some spaces within Winthrop House may be open, which students can reserve through RoomBook. For more informaton on Room Reservations can be found here