House Administrator

Renaldo Pearson (Acting)

RenaldoAs House Administrator, Renaldo serves as part Chief of Staff (for Winthrop's 100+ full and part-time, resident and non-resident staff) and Executive Assistant to the Faculty Deans, part CFO, COO or events (including commencement) and projects manager, and Resident Director (for Winthrop's 400+ students).  Most recently, he was selected to represent Harvard as keynote speaker at The University of Hong Kong's August 2016 international conference on residential education.

Prior to joining Winthrop's administration in 2015 as Academic Coordinator, Renaldo selflessly spent 3 years as a criminal justice advocate organizing and lobbying for revolutionary change to our nation’s criminal (in)justice system, while working locally to serve those most affected by it.  His work fell along 3 registers:  (1) as Member & Spokesman of The #EndMassIncarceration Coalition, he was the youngest member and spokesperson of the 200-member, all-star coalition (which included everyone from Michelle Alexander to Rosario Dawson, John Legend to the now-late Julian Bond) that petitioned and pushed the Obama administration toward its recent historic embrace of criminal justice reform; (2) as a writer and columnist, he was able to instantly broaden his reach and advocacy with several articles that made the front page of The Huffington Post; and (3) as deputy director of a network of halfway houses in metro Atlanta, he merged his macro (or "abolition") work with the micro (or "underground railroad") work of the movement to end mass incarceration. 

Born and raised in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC (otherwise known as "The DMV"), Renaldo is a proud alumnus of Morehouse College (the alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), he also serves on the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) of Democracy Spring, a colorful, history-making millennial-led movement formation committed to winning fundamental reforms to end the corruption of big money in politics and guarantee the right to vote for all Americans.

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