House Committee (HoCo)

Kat & Danielle

Winthrop House Committee, or HoCo, is the representative body for Winthrop residents. Its main focus is planning social events for the House, but it also tackles student advocacy issues such as dining hall restrictions, house improvements, and academic advising.

HoCo is the liaison between students and the house staff, and all Winthrop residents are welcome to be a part of it! Whether you want to get more involved by joining HoCo, helping produce and set up events, or just swing by occasionally to offer ideas, suggestions, and feedback, HoCo would love to have you. This year's HoCo plans to systematically revisit every single House event and make each of them ridiculously awesome or somehow replace them with something ridiculously awesome.

HoCo Executive Board:

  • Co-Chairs: Katherine Cohen & Danielle Strasburger
  • Treasurer: Michael Liu
  • Communications Chair: Zoe Kibbelaar
  • Social Chairs: Laren Kim, Brooke Istvan, Jeffrey Huang, Cooper Bryan, Trevor Noon, & Theresa Manivanh

Stay plugged into House life by joining Throptalk -- an email listserv that HoCo administers... or just check out the archives to see what's been going on around Winthrop.

HoCo meets every Sunday evening at 6:00PM in the JCR. Drop by and get more involved in House life!