With New Transition, Pearson Becomes Senior Advisor to Faculty Deans and Social Engineer-in-Residence

August 23, 2017

by Winthrop Staff


CAMBRIDGE, MA - After two years of dedicated service on Winthrop’s full-time administrative team (and as the youngest administrator at Harvard College), former Academic Coordinator and Interim House Administrator Renaldo Pearson has transitioned to become Senior Advisor to the Faculty Deans and Social Engineer-in-Residence.

As Senior Advisor to the Faculty Deans, Pearson will now assist the Faculty Deans in guiding the new administrative team, with special emphasis on programming and events, as Faculty Dean Aide. However, with his move on campus as the inaugural Social Engineer-in-Residence, he will now dedicate more time to his writing (for the Huffington Post and other media) and social justice work (where, among other projects, he serves on the National Coordinating Committee of the colorful, millennial-led, movement-building organization Democracy Spring) as he prepares for graduate-level education.

“We offer our most profound thanks to Renaldo, who served ably as our Interim House Administrator and, at times, as both House Administrator and Academic Coordinator,” said Faculty Deans Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. and Stephanie Robinson. “Renaldo’s contribution to Winthrop House has been nothing short of invaluable and our entire community is indebted to him.”


Whether streamlining administrative processes, serving as chief of staff for Winthrop's 100-plus full and part-time/resident and non-resident staff, balancing the books as CFO, executing traditional and new events and programming (from the cherished Faculty Deans’ Open House events and distinguished Perini-Woods Memorial SCR Speaker Series, to the newly popular Music & Mingle events and in-House laser tag – not to mention campus-wide events like the advanced-screening of The Birth of Nation, and hosting iconic ballet dancer Misty Copeland), securing new institutional grants to support Winthrop's robust programming, managing housing and the housing lottery process for Winthrop's 400-plus students, designing and launching Winthrop's new website, establishing a new social media presence, helping to guide the House through a challenging “Swing” year of renovation, managing commencement for Winthrop, onboarding Winthrop's new administrative team, and even being selected to represent the College as keynote speaker at the University of Hong Kong’s international conference on residential education – Pearson has undoubtedly helped to position the House for a seamless transition into Renewed Winthrop, where it is now ranked as the most desired House by freshmen.

As such, the Winthrop family wishes him the best as he begins his next chapter in service to the House, Harvard, and broader community.