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General Information

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or feel completely lost, Winthrop's resident Pre-Career Tutor and a great team of non-resident tutors are here to help you explore different career paths and prepare for the recruitment process — both OCI and independent searches.

Pre-Career doesn't only cover finance, consulting, and business school applications — it also covers tech/engineering, international development, entrepreneurship… almost anything that you can get a job in! We have a great tutor staff with tutors from many different fields. Even if none of us have experience in your job field, we will help guide you in finding someone who does.

Be on the lookout for the many events we hold through the school year, and make sure you sign up for the Pre-Career Mailing List to be assigned a tutor, and add the Pre-Career Tutoring calendar (also below; updated weekly). Scroll down for resume tips and additional resources from OCS!


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Wendi's Tips for Resumes

  • Keep it to 1 page only!
  • Make sure the resume is scan-able (i.e. is your name big enough? Are the headings and sections distinct? Can you easily get the important information like companies you have worked for through a quick scan?)
  • Make sure that your descriptions for your previous jobs include PAR: the project, actions you performed (in fact, start each bullet point with a verb), and RESULTS
    • The RESULTS part is probably the most important part, and the part that most people do not talk about – you should describe your impact on the project…and make it quantitative if possible
  • Don’t put EVERYTHING you have done since high school on your resume; be selective and put down relevant work experiences,skills (language, programming, MS Office, etc.), and leadership
  • If you have room for it, add an interests section that shows some of your extracurricular interests to give your resume more personality