Resident Tutors and Resources

Welcome! We stand ready to help you succeed in your pre-law studies and law school applications. If you are seeking help with an upcoming law school application, make sure to spend some time reflecting on why you want to attend law school, which schools you may like to attend, and potentially consider your application pieces (e.g., who could write strong recommendations for you, or what you may want to write your statements about). Then when you are ready, please contact Faith Jackson , Irfan Mahmud—the Resident Law Tutors, or Camille Youngblood—Facutly Dean Aide. NB: Applicants who first seek assistance later than October 1st may impair the quality of assistance that can be provided on their behalf, and also harm the prospect of their success in the application process itself. So get in touch ASAP! If you just want to talk generally about what law school is like or what you can be doing early on to prepare for law school, for example, you can get in touch any time, and no need to prepare anything in advance.

If you are a current student, Winthrop can help you log your recommendations and keep them on file after you graduate so they are ready later when you decide to apply. Please reach out to if this is of interest.



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