Resident Tutors and Resources

Welcome! This page is designed to aid current undergraduates and alumni of Winthrop House in the law school application process.

Current undergraduates and qualified alumni who might be interested in applying to law school and want to take advantage of the advising resources at Winthrop House should first closely read the Pre-Law Handbook (PDF), which explains who qualifies, what Winthrop House's law-school application advising resources are, and what the law school application process looks like.

If after reading the Handbook you have further questions, or if you are ready to arrange for Winthrop House to assist you in your application to law school, then please contact Faith Jackson or Irfan Mahmud—the Resident Law Tutor. NB: Applicants who first seek assistance later than October 1st impair the quality of assistance that can be provided on their behalf, and also harm the prospect of their success in the application process itself. So get in touch ASAP!

You may also find it helpful to get in touch with one or more of our non-resident Pre-Law tutors.

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