Allston Burr Assistant Dean

Gregg Peeples, J.D.

GreggThe Allston Burr Assistant Dean's Office is Winthrop residents' first resource in the areas of academic life and individual well-being.

Winthrop's Allston Burr Assistant Dean (formerly known as the "Resident Dean" or "Senior Tutor"), Gregg Peeples serves as both your academic and residential dean. His job is to help you, as a Harvard student, connect with your House and college community and make the most of this institution's tremendous resources. He is a counselor and adviser, and your direct link to the college administration and services. Whether you are filing a routine change of concentration form or need help navigating your way through a life-altering event or decision, his door is open and almost certainly the right place to start. As his predecessor liked to say, the Resident Dean is "your most versatile, most discreet, and most accessible interface" with the College.

From Gregg:

I was born in Seattle and grew up in nearby Redmond, Washington (I'm old enough to remember when Microsoft occupied only part of a single office building). I attended Northwestern University on a ROTC scholarship where I earned degrees in Math and History. Having been seduced by "Top Gun" and similar movies, I entered the U.S. Marines where I ended up driving tanks instead of flying jets, and chasing terrorists instead of Soviet MIGs. After military service, which included a year abroad in Manama, Bahrain, I returned to civilian life and taught for a year at an alternative high school in Skokie, Illinois. I came to Cambridge to attend Harvard Law. I found studying the law to be fascinating, but legal careers lacking in appeal (though not prospective earnings). During and after law school I taught in the Government Department and worked as a Freshman Proctor and briefly as an Assistant Dean of Freshmen in the Yard. I have enjoyed working with Harvard students, so here I have stayed.

I enjoy hiking, backpacking, weightlifting, and most sports (particularly basketball, rowing, and squash). I am a big fan of action movies and, thanks to my former freshmen students who got me hooked, videogames. I also read the occasional book. I look forward to getting to know you!

Gregg has office hours each week, and you should feel absolutely free to stop by his office on the second floor of the Winn during office hours unannounced - with or without something pressing to discuss. However, if you want to avoid any waiting, he would encourage you to make an appointment. To make an appointment, email Aliyah at The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Office: Winn (1201 Mass Ave) 225 | 617-495-2296 |