Resident Tutors


sanjeySanjey Sivanesan (Fairfax)

Specialties: Senior Tutor, Pre-Career, Pre-Law

Winthrop, fair Winthrop! Hello! I'm a 2010 grad from the illustrious John Winthrop House, where I studied Government and Economics with a focus in health policy and a certificate in Intramural Sports. Outside of class, I spent far too much time traveling the Eastern seaboard while pretending to be a lawyer for the Harvard Mock Trial team. Through mock trial, I first met one Ronald J. Sullivan while writing a criminal defense closing argument (something he knows a thing or two about, I'm told). For the record, I was a Winthropian before he was. I'm just sayin'. Along with a summer internship at the Clinton Foundation, I worked for an HBS professor throughout college on a few research projects related to intellectual property and innovation for the World Economic Forum and National Science Foundation. After a momentary detour to investment banking after graduation, I joined Google's finance team in 2010. After nearly three years at the plex, I felt it was time to hang up the hoodie and return to the 02138. While I'm nominally back for an MBA and JD I'm actually just here to help you traverse the daunting waters of What You Want To Do With Your One Precious Life, surviving n-1 housing (too soon?), and helping you realize why my league-worst Orlando Magic are, in fact, the greatest basketball team on the face of the planet. See you around the house!


Liz Angowski (Fairfax)

Specialties: BLGTQ, Non-resident tutor liason

Greetings from J-Entry, Winthrop! Could I be more pleased to say so? Not a chance. If you’ve ever vacationed at the Jersey Shore, then you’ve probably been within a mere seagull’s caw of my backyard. Once upon a time I knew a lot about that infamous coastline, as glittery as it is rich in maritime history, but these days I’m a much more reliable source on Buddhist ethical and literary traditions in faraway, landlocked countries like Tibet and Nepal.  

I’m currently a doctoral student in the Study of Religion here at Harvard, and prior to that I received my master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School. But as many an Amherst College graduate (in English and Religion) will confess, a large part of my heart still abides in Western Mass. The hills! The Hadley grass! Ages ago, before I began my graduate studies, I served with AmeriCorps and worked as Amherst’s Writing Fellow. This is all to say that if you want to talk about Buddhism, community service, the Montague Bookmill, or dangling modifiers, I’m more than game. Talk to me also about other things, including, but not limited to, travel abroad in Asia, language study, photography, long-distance running and swimming, shark deflecting, the self and self-transformation, and gender/queer theory. Teach me about what interests you. (Who fearless among you is excited to help me practice Chinese, carry a tune, or learn to code?) Along with Kip, I’ll be one of Winthrop’s BLGTQ tutors. Don’t hesitate to visit me, Leanna, and our small-but-mighty dog named Walter when you have the chance. We pride ourselves on our brimming snack drawer, our newly purchased overhead projector, and Walter’s growing résumé

Leanna Barlow (Fairfax)

Specialties: SASH

Greetings, Winthrop! I am joining the Winthrop team after having recently finished my Ph.D. in Politics at Brandeis University. There I studied the development of small and radical political parties in Europe. I now work as a Senior Analyst for Mayor Joe Curtatone in Somerville, MA, where I work on everything from campaign finance reform to rodent control (i.e., rodent birth control—it’s a real thing). I grew up in Greenfield, MA, and I have lived in Massachusetts for my entire life except for a brief stint in Ithaca, NY where I received my Master’s degree in Public Administration. My partner Liz and I are very excited to be living in J-21 with our tiny dog, Walter, who is free for walks and moral support pretty much all of the time. Outside of work, I enjoy helping Walter pick out sweaters, reading US Weekly, watching just about every British mystery series the BBC has to offer, traveling, and jogging along the Charles. I love to talk about pop culture, podcasts, and my favorite weather blog “Weather Wisdom,” and I hope to be talking to each of you all really soon!

Eric Bent (20A Prescott)

Specialties: Medicine, Biology

Born in Boston but raised in Madison, WI (and a die-hard Badger fan), I moved back east to attend college at Brown University where I graduated with a degree in Chemistry in 2010.  My partner Katherine and I then moved here to Boston where I am in the midst of an MD-PhD at HMS/MIT.  For my PhD (in Biology at MIT), I am studying cancer biology, trying to understand why many chemotherapy drugs don’t work very well and how we can make them more effective.  In Winthrop, I will serve as a pre-medical tutor and am excited to work (and play) with all of you!  I enjoy talking about just about anything to do with the outdoors and am an avid hiker, backpacker, skier, sailor etc.  On Saturdays and Sundays you can often find me watching football (go Badgers, Colts and Packers) or basketball.  Come talk to me about travel, medicine, music, health care policy, or anything in the humanities/sciences.  I am curious and love learning from all of you!  Find me in the dining hall or around and come say hi.


Stan King (Ridgley)

What’s up Winthrop! I’m originally from New Jersey, but I left the area to seek out a place where my accent would be appreciated. I ended up at Florida A & M University for undergrad, and studied psychology and biology. Being a fan of southern hospitality, I then decided to attend the University of Virginia, where I earned my PhD in Neuroscience & Behavior. From my involvement commercializing biomedical technologies during my tenure at UVA, I realized I liked entrepreneurship and business strategy more than conducting experiments in the lab, so I packed my bags, and never looked back. I came to Boston to help commercialize early-stage university inventions, and have worked at both MIT and Harvard doing just that. In addition, I’ve lived and worked in Kigali, Rwanda helping to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Rwanda and I’ve started a company in Boston, called Door to the Outdoors, that connects urban millennials of color to the great outdoors. I play just about every sport; I’m addicted to hiking; and I’m a semi-recovering sneaker head, health fanatic, and music fan who’s passionate about social justice, entrepreneurship, community outreach, innovative technologies, neurobiology, and a variety of other things. Feel free to come talk to me about anything; I’m always game for a conversation, unless I’m in the middle of reciting my favorite Jay-Z or Nas verse. In that case, please wait or join in--which ever you prefer. Welcome to Winthrop and I look forward to meeting you all!

Evan Kingsley (20 Prescott)

Specialties: Biology, art room

After growing up on Cape Cod I attended the University of Rochester in western New York where I learned to love both massive amounts of snow and developmental biology. I remained enthralled enough for two years after graduation to study snail embryos (more interesting than it sounds, I promise) before finishing my PhD here in the department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology in 2015. Now I try to understand how the process of animal embryogenesis evolves as a postdoctoral fellow in the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School. Come find me if you want to talk about development, genes, or evolution; definitely come find me if you want to watch videos of mice climbing on stuff. Besides science I enjoy art projects, riding my bicycle, and following birds around Mt. Auburn cemetery. Come by Eva's and my place any time to chat, eat chocolate, and sit by the fireplace.  

Katie Kohn (24 Prescott)

Specialties: Art

Katie was born in Santa Monica, CA, where she was an immediate hit on the baby beauty pageant circuit. Her mother pulled her out early to keep her grounded and to save money on pageant onesies.

The Kohn's moved north to the Monterey bay area so that she and her younger brother could attend a school named after the man who wrote "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." It was in this serene peninsular sanctuary that Katie learned she loved backpacking, marine biology, needlepoint, trees, boxes, Joss Whedon, sea air, Cholula, philosophy/comedy, mycology, long drives, film/media history, Japanese food, words, and teaching. And wine. And goats. She remains enamored of the entire Monterey bay area, which you should Google image.

Her high school prediction was,"Goes to French Riveria to find herself. Gets lost." It remains eerily accurate, minus the Riveria.

Fourteen years, five international residencies (UK, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland), two degrees (NYU, Kings College: U. of London), and exactly one pair of extremely loyal hiking boots later (RIP), Katie can now be found haunting Winthrop suite D-34 with her animal familiar, Winifred Sanderson-Burkle (pictured). She is the human. Not the cat.

Daniel Lage (Hampden)

Specialties: Medicine, Fellowships, Business, Health Policy

Originally from Miami, Florida, I left warmer weather for fair Harvard to join the Class of 2011. As an undergraduate, I studied History and Science, conducted clinical research, and served the elderly as a volunteer through PBHA.  During this time, I was also a proud Winthropian and had the most amazing group of roommates—one of whom also became a resident tutor at Winthrop (and is also named Daniel!). After graduation, I spent two years studying health policy and business at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. I now return to Harvard Medical School where I look forward to pursuing my passion for clinical medicine, combining my background in the humanities, policy, and business to help improve clinical care for the elderly. I am excited to advise Winthropians thinking about careers in medicine, as a member of our accomplished pre-medical team. In my free time, I enjoy dancing salsa, reading great books (please send me suggestions!), and cooking Cuban food. I look forward to rejoining the Winthrop family and helping you make the most of your experience at Harvard and in our house. Please catch me in the dhall or send me an email if you want to talk. I can't wait to get to know you all!

Thomas Maffai (Hampden)

I am originally from a small town in Oregon, where I grew up surrounded by mountain views, juniper trees, and sage brush.  But after living in Miami, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, New York City, and now, Cambridge, I am a city-dweller through and through.  After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Romance Languages, I began my career as a Teach For America corps member teaching bilingual social studies at a Miami high school.  I have since combined my love of foreign language and education in a career that has allowed me to travel the globe--managing a teaching program in Chile, helping to establish a new school in rural Sudan, training refugee teachers in Egypt, and working in education policy in Brazil. Most recently, I have focused on domestic education issues-- I currently work full time at a national non-profit that partners with public school districts across the country to help get great teachers in front of the students that need them most. I have masters degrees in Public Administration and Social Work. In my spare time, true to my Oregon roots, I am an outdoor enthusiast.  I also enjoy running along the Charles, brewing delicious beer, and practicing the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.   


Kip Richardson (Hampden)

Specialties: Religion, BLGTQ

Having grown up in Iowa where the tall corn grows, I am and always will be a Midwestern boy at heart.  I did my undergraduate at Georgetown University where I majored in theology and philosophy before I migrated up to Harvard to do a doctorate in Religion.  I focus on the history of modern (post-Reformation) Christianity and am especially interested in evangelical Protestantism in both its domestic and global varieties, but I’m always game for discussions of the various surprising ways in which religion, culture, and politics intersect in the modern world.  Minor interests include Southern food, Italian opera, nostalgic cinema, William Faulkner, and crossword puzzles.  At Winthrop, I will be serving as the BLGTQ tutor so please do not hesitate to email, call, text, knock on my door or in any way contact me with questions, concerns, or simply to have a conversation about sex, sexuality, and/or gender.  That said, I am also happy to talk to anyone about anything for any period of time.  In fact, I’m very much looking forward to it.

Eva Payne (20 Prescott)

Specialties: Sophomore Advising Coordinator, Wine tasting

I mostly grew up in the lake-filled city of Madison, WI, the only state capital on an isthmus (though I have also lived in the Pacific Northwest and the South). While in college at the University of Wisconsin, I double majored in Religious Studies and Anthropology. I also rowed on the varsity lightweight team for four years, though these days I enjoy getting my exercise from long exploratory walks around Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. If you ever want to see the fort on Prospect Hill where the first American flag was raised, let me know.

I came to Harvard in the fall of 2007 to do a Masters at the Divinity School, focusing on American religious history. I’m currently a PhD student in the History of American Civilization Program (aka American Studies), which for me means that I get to read people’s private letters and diaries from 100 years ago and try to figure out how and why they did what they did. Track me down in the dining hall sometime and I will tell you super juicy secrets from 1892.

Some things I love are cooking, baking, eating, and working in my community garden plot. Also, going to museums, seeing movies at the Brattle (while eating butter-drenched popcorn), watching terrible reality TV, swimming in oceans, lakes, and ponds, reading mysteries, and going on road trips absolutely anywhere. I’m looking forward to sharing these and many other things I love with the Winthrop community.

Katherine Phillips (20A Prescott)

Specialties: Chemistry, Public Service, Art Room

Born in Texas and raised in North Carolina, I left the South to attend Brown University. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in chemistry and mathematics and a soft spot for Rhode Island. After college, I made my way a bit farther up the East Coast to the Boston area, where I spent time working in the conservation department of the Harvard Art Museums before starting my PhD in the chemistry department in 2011. My research focuses on using surface chemistry to develop new materials. Additionally, I've been involved in science outreach and music groups on campus. I joined the Winthrop tutor team in 2012 with my partner Eric. In addition to being a huge science nerd, I also enjoy traveling, crafts, and chocolate.



Kera Street (Ridgley)

Hi Winthrop! I’m from the beautiful city of Richmond, VA, where southern hospitality is doled out with a healthy blend of Mid-Atlantic sensibility. I attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA for undergrad, and completed a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School in 2010. I’m currently working on a doctoral degree in Religion in GSAS, and would describe my research interests as an ongoing exploration of issues located at the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, class, and social media. My project considers the structure and function of a women-only parachurch organization situated in the conservative evangelical Christian sub-culture, as well as the impetus and implications for the growth of digital networks of faith. I enjoy cooking down-home southern dishes, dancing and theatre (I attended a performing arts high school), running and working out (did someone say Crossfit?), and using “hunnie” and “sweetie” as terms of endearment in all my sentences. If you want to talk, you can catch me in F-entryway flipping through old photos of my pageant days, listening to a vinyl from my record collection, or binge-watching any of my favorite TV shows. I hope you’ll stop by when you get a chance, as I’m very much looking forward to being in community with all of you! 


Peter Tu (22 Prescott)

Specialties: Economics, Business, Healthcare and Health Policy

Hello Winthrop! I'm a Texan by way of California, from Austin by way of Palo Alto. I did my undergrad at Stanford, studying math and economics (with a dash of computer science). After graduation, I worked as a business analyst at Facebook, where I encountered way more data than I could handle. That motivated me to learn the tools and tricks of an economist—so here I am working my way toward an economics PhD. During my schooling interlude, I also worked on a health economics textbook with a former professor. So if you’re interested in health care or health policy, I’ve got the scoop. Aside from that, some of the things I cannot resist include ultimate frisbee, pick-up basketball, board games, roadtrips, quality fiction, good coffee, and of course, good convos. Swing on by--listen to some tunes, toss a frisbee, talk some econ or anything else!