Resident Tutors

ParkerParker Davis

Specialties:  Programming, HoCo, Womanism/CARE, Pre-Law, Pre-Business 
Entryway Standish 1W

Hello Winthrop! My name is Parker Davis, and I could not be more excited for another year at Winthrop as a Resident Tutor! I am in the second year of the JD/MBA program at HLS and HBS and am a returning Winthropian from my undergrad years, so I'm very excited to be back in the house with all of you! I am originally from Nashville, TN, but have now also lived in Cambridge and New York City, so I am finally getting used to the snow! I'm very interested in health policy, skiing, traveling, listening to live music and browsing Netflix, so please let me know if you ever want to chat about your last trip or the show you're currently watching! I am also one of the programming tutors, womanism/CARE tutors, pre-law and pre-business tutors in the House, so please let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions about those areas of house-life as well!


Benny GoldmanBenjamin Goldman

Entryway Gore 2W

Originally from the suburbs of New York City, I am entering my second year as a Ph.D. student in the Economics Department at Harvard and my first year as a tutor in Winthrop. I did my undergraduate degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics at Macalester College and played quarterback on the football team...Go Scots! Before coming to Harvard I spent two years as a predoctoral fellow at Stanford University studying race and economic opportunity. My research uses large-scale administrative data to study inequality and economic opportunity in the US. Right now I am focused on understanding how interactions with the criminal justice system impact economic, social, and health outcomes over the lifecycle. Outside of research, I am a big Green Bay Packers and New York Rangers fan and I am looking forward to participating in IM sports at Winthrop. I am always happy to chat with students about economics, research in the social sciences, where to find the best food around Harvard, or whatever else might be on your mind.


Zeshan HussainZeshan Hussain

Specialties: Pre-Med
Entryway Standish 3E

Hey Winthrop!! I'm really excited to be a new resident tutor this year. Originally, I am from Hyderabad, India, and my family moved to Ohio when I was young. I spent some time in California, doing my undergraduate and master's studies in Computer Science at Stanford. Currently, I am a third year MD/PhD student at HMS, entering my PhD this year in EECS at MIT. My research interests include machine learning and statistical methods and applying those methods in healthcare applications. In the past, I've worked on disease progression modeling, deep learning for various medical imaging tasks, and data augmentation theory. Would love to chat about any of these topics with you all!

And now for a more random assortment of interests: I'm passionate about spirituality and theology, specifically tasawwuf, tazkiyah, and aqidah (all Islamic forms of theology and/or purification of the heart). I also love reciting Urdu and Arabic poetry as well as nasheed. I enjoy playing all kinds of racket sports, basketball, and soccer. My favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal (djokovic sucks), and Mohammed Salah is my hero. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!



Faith JacksonFaith Jackson

Specialties: Pre-Law
Entryway Gore 3E

Faith Jackson studied economics and Arabic at Harvard College, and is part of the Junior Deferral Program at Harvard Law School. Faith is starting her 1L year this fall, and spent the last two years in DC working at Boston Consulting Group and serving in the Army National Guard. During Faith’s time at the College, Faith took time off to work in the White House and studied abroad across Europe and the Middle East. Faith is happy to share advice based on her experience during, outside of and after Harvard.



Grant JonesGrant Jones

Specialties: Sophomore Advisor, BGLTQ
Entryway Standish 1E

Hello! My name is Grant Jones, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Winthrop House resident tutor staff. I was born and raised right here in Boston, attended Harvard as an undergrad, and lived in Winthrop House during my college years. It feels great to be back! While here as a college student, I was part of Queer Students and Allies, The Harvard Din & Tonics, Meditation Club, and Aspiring Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. After college, I spent a year as a management consultant, a year focusing on meditation and writing music, and a year working in clinical psychology research at MGH. I’m returning to Harvard now as a PhD student in Clinical Psychology, with a particular interest in how meditation can be used to alleviate trauma related suffering in communities of color. Really excited about it! Outside of class, I’m interested in health/wellness, mindfulness, good music, singing, anime, travel, exercise, social equity, going out dancing, and good conversation. I look forward to being in community with you all!


Danny LageDanny Lage

Specialties: Fellowships, Pre-Med
Entryway Gore 4C

Originally from Miami, Florida, I left warmer weather to join the Harvard Class of 2011. As an undergraduate, I studied History and Science, conducted clinical research, and served the elderly as a volunteer through PBHA.  During this time, I was also a proud Winthropian and had the most amazing group of roommates—one of whom also became a resident tutor at Winthrop (and is also named Daniel!). After graduation, I spent two years studying health policy and business at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, then returned to Harvard Medical School, graduating in May 2017. I'm now a resident physician in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and my clinical interests are in oncology, geriatrics, and palliative care, with research focused on how to help improve the quality of care for older adults with cancer. I am excited to advise Winthropians thinking about careers in medicine, as a member of our accomplished pre-medical team. As chair of fellowships, I'm also dedicated to helping students find great post-graduate opportunities in graduate study, travel abroad, or research. In my free time, I enjoy reading great books (please send me suggestions!), running stadiums, and hanging out with friends. I look forward to continuing to be part of the Winthrop House family and helping you make the most of your experience at Harvard and in our house.


Rachel LipsonRachel and Devon

Specialties: Fellowships, Public Service, Pre-Business
Entryway Gore 3W

Hello Lions! It feels like I've been a Winthropian since birth but I originally hail from the New York suburbs (go Yanks and Jets). I was a proud resident of both Gore and Standish, and graduated as a Gov Concentrator in 2012 with a citation in Spanish. On campus, I helped lead the Mission Hill After School Program, wrote for the Crimson and Let's Go, worked on interfaith and inclusiveness at Harvard Hillel, and spent two summers and a semester studying/working abroad. After college, I lived south of the Mason-Dixon line for the first time, working in North Carolina on President Obama's re-election campaign, then moved to DC where I worked on (and traveled to) the Middle East and North Africa for the World Bank. I came back to Harvard as a joint MBA/MPP candidate at the Business School and the Kennedy School and spent last year as the Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow at Year Up, a non-profit here in Boston that helps connect young adults without BAs to high potential jobs and careers. I'm now working for Harvard as the Project Director for a new research & policy initiative focused on community colleges, workforce, economic mobility, and the future of work.

I'm  addicted to travel & the outdoors, and active in politics and public service - find me in the dhall to chat about any of these, or just to commiserate over the lack of good bagels in Boston. I'm also a casual runner, an enthusiastic-yet-inflexible yogi, and member of multiple book clubs.

Devon Shapiro

Entryway Gore 3W

Hey Winthrop! Originally from Columbus, OH, I moved to the east coast to go to Bowdoin College, where I studied Government and Economics, and haven't left. After college I worked as an economic consultant and later on the data analytics team at a movie studio. I'm now entering my second year of business school at MIT where I'm interested in civic tech, startups, and transportation. Outside of class I'm an avid amateur chef, aspiring travel junkie, and Ohio sports fan.

Home is on the 3rd floor of Gore East - pay us a visit!


Irfan MahmudKirfan

Specialties:  Pre-Law,  Pre-Business/Consulting & Finance, Fellowships
Entryway Gore 2C


Hi Winthrop! My name is Irfan Mahmud, and I am very excited to be a Resident Tutor living in Gore but available to all on Zoom! Winthrop has been such a central feature of my Harvard experience. I was Winthrop 2016 myself and have been a Non-resident Tutor with my best friends and blockmates ever since we graduated. This House is the best, no doubt. I hail from Saint George, Utah which has a very different climate (both weather and political) than Cambridge, but I love both my homes. My family originally comes from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and my culture, heritage, and family is very important to me. I am lucky enough to be engaged to the one and only Kirin Gupta. Our love first started in our very own Standish Hall if you'll believe it! In undergrad, I studied Economics and Classics, I was involved with the Harvard Foundation, the Institute of Politics, the Crimson, Senior Class Committee, and a number of affinity groups. Since graduating I have been working with McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs, and the United Nations. I am currently a student at Harvard Law School. Outside of school and work, I love watching any and all TV shows (name one I haven't watched, I dare you), reading fantasy literature (Harry Potter will forever have my soul), and hiking and doing all sorts of outdoor activities (the desert and mountains are great places to quarantine too). I am very excited to advise on pre-business, pre-law, fellowships, public service, race relations, and LGBTQIA+, among other things. I look forward to meeting you!


Kirin Gupta

Specialties: Health & Wellness, Womanism/CARE
Entryway Gore 2C

Hi Winthrop! I am Kirin Gupta (she/her/hers) and I am so lucky to get to live with you all in Winthrop House up in Gore Hall. I graduated from the College (Winthrop House of coursee) in 2016 but I was born in the DMV (DC/VA side of the district) and have lived in India, Ecuador, and Costa Rica since I was 15. I am currently in my second year of grad school in History. I study terrorism - specifically, women terrorists - in the former British Empire. In undergrad, I studied Social Studies + Women Gender and Sexuality Studies and did a secondary in Ethnicity Migration and Rights. Outside of being a nerd, I am constantly doing yoga, talking relationships, reading YA/Fantasy delights, or seeking out ways to get in touch with the arts or great spots in Boston. In my specialities, I can't wait to work on wellness love, all Women of Winthrop awesomeness, and fostering/thinking/living healthy relationships in our community (come talk to me about any relationship issues). But really, I am here to talk about anything, and y'all are always welcome to come hang with me in our shared home :) - I can't wait to spend time with all of you.


Carl & ValenciaCarl Miller

Specialties: Race Relations, SCR
Entryway Standish 4E

Greetings all. I am originally from Cleveland, OH and yes, we still love Lebron. I attended Tuskegee University for undergrad and Howard University for my masters degree in Social Work. I was a fellow at Harvard Law School and now attend Massachusetts School of Law. Valencia and I would love to sit and chat with you about any topic you have in mind. We also host a weekly prayer session that is open to any student of any faith or no faith at all. Stop us and ask us about it when you see us.

Valencia Miller

Specialties: SCR
Entryway Standish 4E

Hi everyone. I am originally from Birmingham, AL and attended Howard University for undergrad. I have a Masters degree in Nutrition from the University of Maryland and finished Harvard Medical School in 2013. I enjoy cooking, needle point and traveling to the islands. I look forward to seeing you around the house.


Emilia and RobEmilia Pfannl

Entryway Standish 2E

Hi Winthrop! My name is Emilia Pfannl and I’m so excited to be joining Winthrop House this year as a Resident Tutor. I'm currently working at the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard and developing K-12 Spanish content for the New York City Department of Education. I was born in New York, grew up in Paraguay and went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst for undergrad. After college, I completed an Ed.M in International Education Policy at HGSE and later a Master’s in Special Education at CUNY Hunter College. I’ve taught at schools and universities and worked with nonprofits and community groups in New York, Bolivia and Paraguay on issues of early childhood education, arts education, literacy, participatory action research (PAR), and bilingual education. I am passionate about literature and traveling and love talking about my favorite cities- Asunción, Rome and New York. Rob and I are really looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Rob Watson

Entryway Standish 2E

What’s up Winthrop House!? My name is Rob Watson and I’m pumped to be a new Resident Tutor this year serving our community with my partner Emilia. I’m originally from Poughkeepsie, New York and have spent time living in Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. I currently work as the Director of Student Programs at the Institute Of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School and staff coordinator of the Harvard Votes Challenge. My work has focused on themes of civic engagement, community development and educational equity in the US, Latin America and Africa. Prior to joining the IOP, I served as a consultant and advisor to organizations that include the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, Harvard College, Tufts University, The Social Impact Studio and The Obama Foundation.

 I’m really passionate about exploring strategies to transform civic life in the US and across the globe; I served with the Peace Corps and founded two national youth service programs in Paraguay. I’m an alum of Harvard College where I was Hoco Chair for Leverett House and later completed an Ed.M in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I’m also pursuing a Mid-Career MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School. I love chatting about the next life-changing place to travel to, youth-driven social justice efforts, serendipity and sports! Thank you for welcoming us into the the Throp family. Emilia and I are looking forward to an epic year and learning about all of your amazing stories!


Katherine PhillipsKatherine & Eric

Specialties:  Arts, Science Table
Entryway Standish 3W

Hey there Winthrop House! Born in Texas and raised in North Carolina, I left the South after high school and came up north for college, graduating from Brown in 2010 with a degree in chemistry and mathematics and a soft spot for Rhode Island. After college, I made my way a bit farther up the East Coast to the Boston area, where I spent time working in the conservation department of the Harvard Art Museums before starting my PhD in the chemistry department at Harvard. After graduating in 2016, I moved down the street to MIT, where I am now a postdoc studying carbon dioxide capture and conversion. In addition to being a huge science nerd, I also enjoy traveling, crafts, and chocolate.

Eric Bent

Specialties: Pre-Med
Entryway Standish 3W

Born in Boston but raised in Madison, WI (and a die-hard Badger fan), I moved back east to attend college at Brown University where I graduated with a degree in Chemistry in 2010.  My partner Katherine and I then moved here to Boston where I am in the midst of an MD-PhD at HMS/MIT.  For my PhD (in Biology at MIT), I am studying cancer biology, trying to understand why many chemotherapy drugs don’t work very well and how we can make them more effective.  In Winthrop, I will serve as a pre-medical tutor and am excited to work (and play) with all of you!  I enjoy talking about just about anything to do with the outdoors and am an avid hiker, backpacker, skier, sailor etc.  On Saturdays and Sundays you can often find me watching football (go Badgers, Colts and Packers) or basketball.  Come talk to me about travel, medicine, music, health care policy, or anything in the humanities/sciences.  I am curious and love learning from all of you!  Find me in the dining hall or around and come say hi.


Mariama RuncieMariama Runcie

Specialities: Pre-Med
Entryway Gore 4E

My name is Mariama Runcie, and I am looking forward to meeting you! I am originally from Chicago, IL and graduated from Harvard College in 2012. I was a Molecular and Cellular Biology concentrator with a secondary in French Romance Languages and Literature. Post college I taught high school biology in Miami Dade County Public Schools through the Teach for America Program. I subsequently went to medical school at the Drew UCLA Medical Education Program. I am currently an emergency medicine resident at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Find me in the dining hall to chat about healthcare disparities, anti-human trafficking initiatives, medicine, francophone women writers, education, or anything under the sun. I love comedy, dogs and cats, hiking, biking, collecting, arts and crafts and yoga.


Lauren RussellLauren R

Specialties: First-Gen, HoCo, Programming
Entryway Gore 2E

Hey y’all! I’m a resident tutor specializing in general programming and the first-gen community, and I’m so happy to be joining the Winthrop family! I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, and I graduated from the College in 2012 where I concentrated in Classics and did a secondary in Economics. After college, I completed a Master’s in Economics at Duke. Currently, I’m a second-year PhD student in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. My research interests are in labor economics, public economics, and social policy with a focus on the intersections of poverty, race, inequality, and gender. I’m specifically interested in studying intergenerational mobility and wealth inequality as they relate to issues of racial and gender disparities in labor, education, housing, and incarceration outcomes. Outside of my academic interests, I LOVE Harry Potter, good (or, in some cases, really terrible) reality TV, cheesy rom-coms, and delicious soul food. Feel free to chat with me about any of these things!


Matthew ShakelfordMatthew Shackelford

Entryway Gore 4W

Hi Winthrop! My name is Matthew Shackelford, and I’m very excited to be returning to Winthrop House this year as a Resident Tutor! I am currently in my third year of the MBA/MPP program with HBS and HKS. I greatly enjoyed my experiences at HKS two years ago and HBS last year and am looking forward to the excitement of crossing the river (virtually of course) for my final year. I grew up in Atlanta, GA (huge ATL sports fan) and went to Princeton University for undergrad, where I majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering and spent my free time playing drums in the Princeton Band and for various musicals! After college, I spent three years in NYC working in risk management for a financial institution. I’m passionate about issues of foreign policy and economics, love to play games (everything from IMs to Mario Kart), and eager to make the Winthrop House experience the best it can be! Always feel free to say hi in the dining hall or stop by my entryway to chat!