Sophomore Advising

In the first semester of their sophomore year, each Winthropian is assigned an individual advisor in the House, based on academic and extracurricular interests. This sophomore advisor is the student's primary academic advisor for that semester. Students declare a concentration in the middle of their third semester, after which primary academic advising duties begin to transition to the individual concentrations. Sophomores' advisors in the House continue to meet with students and discuss their academic progress, but in their fourth term the house-based advising program emphasizes more general academic issues like internships, study abroad, and fellowship opportunities, as well as building successful relationships with faculty members.

Just about everything you could possibly need to know concerning sophomore advising, concentrations, and the like is linked through the Advising Programs Office. Particularly helpful is the page that has all pertinent information about undergraduate concentrations such as concentration requirements, courses, and advisors.

All resident tutors in Winthrop House serve as sophomore advisors. Grant Jones is the Sophomore Advising Coordinator for Winthrop House. If you have questions about the program, please contact him.