Womanism & CARE

Winthrop House is committed to gender justice. We work with the different offices at Harvard College to make sure our students are cared for in a way that attends to all the aspects of their gender identities, including the Harvard College Women's Center, and the Office of Gender Equity (which includes confidential counseling resources and also Title IX).

Winthrop is currently involved in the Harm 2 Harmony Pilot Program in conjunction with the DSO and the Harvard College Women's Center. This pilot program aims to integrate restorative justice practices into the way that we build our space and respond to one another. Within the House, we host a range of programs to celebrate intersectional gendered identities, including pleasure workshops, conversations with faculty on the balance of being a gender minority in the workplace, home, and school, and community building events like art nights and chocolate tastings!

Womanism & CARE Teams

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Idia Irele

Resident Tutor
Hi! My name is Idia and I am a 2021 Rangel International... Read more about Idia Irele
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