Welcome to Winthrop House


If the Harvard College House System is best compared to Hogwarts, then Winthrop is definitely the Gryffindor of the 12 undergraduate Houses of Harvard College. Not only do we both share the lion as our mascot and focus of our shield, but we are also the defending champions of the House (or Straus) Cup. Not to mention the fact that, as the proudest and tightest-knit of the Houses, we continue to graduate and expand a formidable constellation of history-making wizards -- from the famous Kennedy brothers (President John, Attorney General Robert, and Senator Ted Kennedy) to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Congressman Barney Frank to critically acclaimed Actor & Author B.J. Novak. Yes, Winthrop is where all the magic happens.


We're a community of over 400 students, led by Faculty Deans Ron Sullivan and Stephanie Robinson and their two sons, Trey and Chase; Allston Burr Assistant Dean Gregg Peeples; Acting House Administrator Renaldo Pearson; a group of dedicated resident tutors and staff; and a talented and vibrant house committee (HoCo).


What's New?


For current Winthrop news and announcements, check out the House calendar.  You can also check out the IMs Calendar and Winthrop's new IMs Website. And, if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for Throptalk to stay plugged into the pulse of the House.


Want to get more involved in House life? HoCo meets every Sunday evening at 6 PM in the JCR. Drop by!




Emergency Contacts

  1. Tutor on Call: 617-872-9911
  2. Harvard University Health Services (HUHS): 617-495-5711
  3. Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) 24-hour crisis and support hotline: 617-495-9100
  4. Harvard Police (HUPD): 617-495-1212
  5. Facilities After-Hours: 617-495-5560

Note: Non-emergency maintenance requests  (repairs to leaky faucets, clogged showers, poor water pressure or defective lights) can all be submitted online using this form.

OSAPR Hotline

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Winthrop's Facebook Page

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