Winthrop residents can receive mail and packages at Winthrop.

Mailing address: Your Winthrop House mailing address is

(Your Name)
(Your Mailbox number) Winthrop Mail Center
32 Mill St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mailboxes: Mail addressed to you will be placed in your mailbox. Mailboxes are located in the basement of Gore Hall, just past the Dining Hall. You will be assigned a mailbox number for the academic year a couple of weeks before you move in. Students that lived in Winthrop House last academic year and are returning will typically be able to keep their mailbox number.

Your mailbox combination is three numbers X, Y, and Z. To open your mailbox, spin the dial counterclockwise at least four times and stop at X. Then turn the dial clockwise, passing X and then stopping the next time you hit Y. Then turn the dial counterclockwise to Z. Then turn the dial clockwise, which will cause the locking mechanism to engage and unlatch the mailbox.

Packages: Packages sent to you will be held for you in the package room, which is in Gore Hall near the Security Office. You will receive an email telling you that you have a package waiting for you.

The shelves in the package room are organized by mailbox numbers 0-99, 100-199, 200-299 and so on. So if your mailbox number is, e.g., 245 then look for your packages on the shelves labeled "200s". Please wait until you receive an email about your package before coming to pick it up: even though your delivery tracking might say the package is delivered, sometimes packages are sent to the central HUMS location and it may take a bit of time to get to Winthrop; once it is in Winthrop, the Building Team will process it as quickly as they can, put it in the package room, and email you.

It may be difficult for packages to be delivered when there is no-one in the Security Office, e.g., 8am-4pm on the weekend. To ensure proper package delivery, please have packages delivered on Monday-Friday.

Note: At the beginning of the academic year (Wednesday Aug 17, 2022 to Tuesday Sept 13, 2022) due to the large volume of packages received, all packages for Winthrop will be held at a temporary mailing depot: rooms 101 and 103 at 1201 Massachusetts Ave (the two rooms adjacent to the dining hall). The depot is open Monday-Saturday, 8am-4pm as well as Sunday, Aug 28th. The depot will be closed on Monday, Sept 5, for Labor Day.

You will receive an email telling you that you have a package and providing instructions for how to pick it up. You can contact with any questions. If you need a cart or dolly to help move large packages, ask in the Security Office to see if any are available.

Sending mail and packages: There are boxes for outgoing mail next to the mailboxes in the basement of Gore Hall. You are responsible for providing appropriate postage/stamps. Winthrop House doesn't have any facilities for sending packages. The nearest Post Office is at 125 Mt Auburn St in Harvard Square.