Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Deadlines and Dates

The Winthrop House team will send academic deadline email reminders throughout the year (please be sure to read the Winthrop All House list emails!), but these deadlines are ultimately your responsibility. You may want to bookmark the academic calendar, and/or add important dates to your personal calendar.

Policies and Procedures

You can find all the Harvard College policies and procedures in the Student Handbook. Exceptions generally go through the administrative board (for things like taking a leave of absence, simultaneous enrollment, taking more than 24 credits, etc). If you need an exception, please reach out to your Resident Dean and Academic Coordinator. They will fill you in on everything you need for your petition, and will be the ones to present it to the board.

Letters of Recommendation

Winthrop House archives and manages letters of recommendation for past and current students. You can find a request for recommendation form here. Questions should be directed to the Academic Coordinator.

Academic Forms

Please read forms carefully, and obtain all necessary signatures before submitting them to your Resident Dean. Some common forms are linked below; many other forms (including concentration declarations and language citations) are now available through my.harvard.

Concentration Credit for a Cross Registration Class

Concurrent Masters Course Allocation Form

Harvard Summer School (to attend HSS from a leave of absence)

Independent Study

Waiver of Late Fees Petition