Fire, Health & Safety

Fire Alarms and Fire Safety

  • The use of candles and other sources of open flame are strictly prohibited.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not block fire doors.

  • If the fire alarm rings, everyone should always promptly exit the building. The primary meeting site is the MAC quad (the grass area between Kirkland House and the Malkin Athletic Center). The secondary meeting site is the grass area on Memorial Drive outside the Kaneb Courtyard.

  • See the Winthrop House Fire & Emergency Procedures brochure for more information.


House Security

  • Theft happens (including laptops and phones), even in common rooms, bedrooms, and the dining hall. Move-in and move-out are particularly high-risk times. Disabling/blocking your lock, propping your suite door, or putting your key above the door is a risk to everyone in the suite (including across a shared bathroom) and therefore is not allowed.

  • Piggybacking: don't let people into Winthrop House unless you’re sure they are members of the community. Call HUPD (617-495-1212) about any suspicious behavior.

  • Guests: you are responsible for the behavior of your guests and how they affect your neighbors and suitemates. See the Community Rules for additional policies about guests.


Safety and Health

All programming and activity on campus must follow the University’s COVID-19 guidance. Please refer to for the latest guidance (and also for general information and additional policies and protocols).

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially at night. Make use of the Shuttle, Evening Van, and Campus Escort Program:

  • Register with “Message Me” for important campus safety messages:

  • Physical and mental health support at HUHS is included in every student’s health service fee, so please make use of it whenever necessary. Please invest in yourself by sleeping regularly, eating well, making time for physical activity, and developing relationships.

  • Good hand washing helps prevent the spread of disease and infections. If you feel unwell, please avoid the DHall and other common spaces.

  • Students who are feeling unwell who would like to set up meal drop offs should contact the HUDS Manager at (ideally a day in advance) to arrange for someone to pick up your meal(s).

    • The email should include any dietary restrictions or allergies

    • It should also include the full name of the individual picking up the meal(s)

Winthrop is committed to an environment where everyone is safe from unwanted sexual contact and gender-based harassment. OGE, the Title IX office, and Winthrop staff can provide support and resources.