Winthrop House consists of three main buildings: Gore Hall, Standish Hall, and Beren Hall. From Fall 2022, Winthrop includes Fairfax Hall (1306 Massachusetts Ave) for overflow housing. In addition, Winthrop includes Blyth Building (the Faculty Deans' Residence, adjacent to Gore) and 101 Plympton St (containing suites for Winthrop's House Aides and Scholars in Residence).

Gore Hall houses about 200 undergraduates, and contains the Dining Hall, the Junior Common Room, the Security Office and House Office, as well as the JFK Suite. Beren Hall is connected to Gore Hall and houses about 40 undergraduates. Standish Hall houses about 160 undergraduates and contains the library, the art room, music practice rooms, the Senior Common Room, the community kitchen, meditation room and courtyard, and more. Fairfax Hall houses about 65 undergraduates and contains a common room and meeting room.

You can explore Winthrop's many rooms and spaces and learn about some of the history of Winthrop's buildings.