Cleaning & Supplies

Winthrop's wonderful custodial team clean hallways, hallway bathrooms, and House-common spaces. They do not clean in-suite bathrooms or suite common rooms. Suites will be given cleaning supplies at the start of each semester; if you need more cleaning supplies, please contact the Building Management team.

Please be respectful of the custodial staff and other community members: don't leave boxes or trash in the hallways or stairwells; take your trash and recycling to a trash room. Don't leave messes or bodily wastes for others to clean up.

You can pick up toilet paper and trash bags from the package room in Gore Hall (near the Security Office). You can also borrow a vaccuum cleaner and dust-pan and brush from the Security Office (please return them quickly so that others can use it!).

Although hallway bathrooms are cleaned by the custodial team, every hallway bathroom has a basket with some cleaning supplies, and you're encouraged to clean up any messes that you make. If your hallway bathroom needs more cleaning supplies, please contact the Building Management team.

If you need poster tack, you can pick some up from the Security Office.

Face masks and COVID-19 antigen test kits ("rapid tests") are available in the Security Office.

If you see a mess or anything that requires maintenance, you can report it using the maintenance request system.