Sofia Hou

Sofia Hou

Non-Resident Tutor
photo of Non-Resident Tutor, Sofia outdoors in a winter scenery

Sofia Hou graduated from Harvard in 2013 with a degree in Statistics and currently works as an investor in public markets and venture capital / growth equity. She recently moved back home to Boston/Cambridge after years at SoftBank in Silicon Valley and a hedge fund in New York.

During her four years at Harvard (when she was not working on psets in the Winthrop dining hall), she taught as a TF for CS171, was an active member of the International Relations Council, and spent her summers on Wall Street.

With ties to start-ups and having interviewed with over 30 companies in finance, tech, and consulting at on-campus recruiting during her senior fall, she hopes to be of help to undergrads going straight into industry. In her spare time, Sofia also enjoys advising founders, painting, playing piano, traveling, and learning languages. Please feel free to reach out to her about anything and everything!

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