Parties are part of the college experience, and the Winthrop House Team wants to support you and make sure you stay safe while having a good time. With these goals in mind, we ask that, if you plan to host a suite party, you observe the following rules.

  1. At least 24 hours before your planned party, complete a Party Registration Form (PDF) and discuss your party with your entryway tutor. Note that the form must be signed by all suitemates. Once your entryway tutor has signed your party form, submit it to the Winthrop Security Office in Gore Hall. Parties may be approved less than 24 hours prior at the discretion of your entryway tutor; it is best to err on the side of caution and complete the party form well in advance. Unapproved parties will be shut down to the great chagrin of everyone involved.
  2. End your party by 11 p.m. (Sun-Thurs) or 2 a.m. (Fri-Sat), to respect the House quiet hours.
  3. Know and abide by Massachusetts Law and Harvard College rules governing alcohol and entertainment.
  4. Post signs stating that guests must be 21 to drink. Ensure that any guest not personally known to you to be 21 produces identification. Do not allow underage friends to drink alcohol.
  5. Serve food and non-alcoholic alternatives.
  6. Smoking is not permitted inside any Harvard College building. You are responsible for enforcing this rule during your party, and for responding promptly to any complaints from your neighbors about smoke.
  7. Anticipate crashing by outsiders attracted by music or word of mouth. Ask friends to be ready to assist you in asking uninvited guests to leave. Discuss with your entryway tutor what to do in the event that your party attracts too many people. Parties must not spill out into the hallways, stairwells or courtyards. Please remind your guests to be quiet in these and all other public areas of the House.
  8. Clean up. Collect and remove all trash, including anything in surrounding public areas, when your party ends. Also, please recycle your empties. It's the least you can do for yo momma Earth.
  9. Remember that you are responsible for your guests' safety and behavior. Please be aware of the College's Help-Seeking Policy, described in the Student Handbook: "Students seeking medical treatment for themselves or another person for the effects of drug or alcohol use will not be subject to disciplinary action from the College for violations pertaining to the use or provision of drugs or alcohol. Sources of help might include: HUHS or other medical providers; College residential life staff; and HUPD or other police or security officers." Please see the handbook for the full policy.