Resident Tutors and the Advising Process

This page is for anyone who is applying to medical school or other health-related careers, and even for those who are just thinking about thinking about applying. The Winthrop House Pre-Health Advising Committee consists of a diverse group of physicians and medical students who are here to help you decide if medicine is the right career for you and who will guide you through the process of applying to medical school, dental school, or other health professions.

See below for the current resident pre-health resident tutors and non-resident tutors. We also have an impressive group of non-resident pre-health tutors who work in almost every area of medicine at major medical centers across Boston and Cambridge. You can reach all of us by emailing Please contact us with any questions you may have about medicine and medical school. We are also happy to talk with you about other careers in health-related careers such as biomedical research, clinical research, public health, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing and nurse practitioning, and more.

All students who are interested in applying to medical school (be it sophomores, juniors, or seniors) MUST email us at to be assigned a non-resident pre-health tutor. Your non-resident tutor is someone with whom you can discuss your interests or questions about medicine, and who will be your source of continuity throughout the application process. Your non-resident tutor will draft your Dean's letter, which is an important component of your medical school application. Harvard students are required to apply to medical school through the house advising system, so you should be in touch with us early, ideally in the fall semester of your sophomore year. You can find out more about the role of the pre-health advisor by looking in the Winthrop House Pre-Medical Handbook (PDF).

Each year there are early fall and winter pre-medical meetings where we discuss the med school application process. These meetings are mandatory if you are planning to apply to medical school in the coming summer. We also have a separate interview workshop (usually in October) for seniors who are going through the medical school interview process.

We also have drop-in office hours held once a month which are open to all Winthrop students. Please check with the Winthrop House calendar for more information.

Resources and Documents

The Winthrop House Pre-Medical Handbook (PDF) is your guide to the med school application process so please consult it early and often. See other materials below, and for further information feel free to contact either the resident pre-med tutors or your non-resident tutor. There is also a lot of helpful information on the pre-med website of the Office of Career Services and the website of the Harvard Premedical Society.



Resident Tutors

headshot of Resident Tutor, Grant Rigney facing the camera wearing glasses and a Crimson sweater.

Grant Rigney

Resident Tutor
Hi Winthrop! I am super excited to be here as a new... Read more about Grant Rigney
Entryway Gore 4C

Non-Resident Tutors

Headshot of Non-Resident Tutor, Francis

Francis Deng

Non-Resident Tutor

Francis Deng, MD is a clinical fellow in neuroradiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He graduated magna cum laude from...

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Headshot of Non-Resident Tutor, Micky

Mickey Ibia

Non-Resident Tutor
 My name is Imikomobong (Micky) Ibia and I am a chief resident at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency at Mass... Read more about Mickey Ibia