Headshot of Non-Resident Tutor, Francis

Francis Deng

Non-Resident Tutor

Francis Deng, MD is a clinical fellow in neuroradiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He graduated magna cum laude from...

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Photo of Steve, Kiran, Bodhi, and Annie

Kiran Gajwani

Faculty Dean
Hello Winthrop!  We are Stephen Chong, Kiran Gajwani, Bodhi, and Annie (aka, the Chongwannies).  In the summer of 2020, about six months after... Read more about Kiran Gajwani
Drop-in Hours are finished for Spring 2022, but please reach out by email if you need anything!
Photo of Non-Resident Tutor, Alex facing the camera

Alex Gordon

Non-Resident Tutor

Alex Gordon plays the piano and organ in a variety of genres. He studied music theory at Harvard and received a Master’s degree in Modern American Music...

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