Photo of Gore Courtyard on a sunny day

Winthrop House has five courtyard spaces for residents to use throughout the academic year. 

The Davis Courtyard is located in Gore Hall and is a central hub for outdoor activities in Winthrop, including Winthrop's Senior Commencement ceremony. As the House’s largest courtyard students can catch up with friends, play a game of Spikeball, throw around a football, or eat lunch on the patio. House events that traditionally take place in the courtyard are pumpkin carving, Throptoberfest, and some Faculty Dean Open Houses. 

The Rothenberg Courtyard in Standish Hall is a smaller space with beautiful views of the Charles River. This space is available for Winthrop residents to hangout, hold outdoor meetings and study sessions.  

The Beren Courtyard is located between the Faculty Dean residence and the Beren Terrace Conference room. This space has outdoor tables and seating for students to hangout, study, or enjoy lunch in the afternoon sun. 

The Korngold Family Courtyard is in Standish Hall, just off of the Meditation room. This quiet, intimate space can be used by reservation for small gatherings, outdoor meditation and reflection space.

The John A. Kaneb Courtyard (also known as Yellowwood Courtyard) lies between Gore Hall and Standish Hall. Kaneb Courtyard is open to the public and provides a convenient path from Harvard Square to Memorial Drive. The Fly Club Gate from Kaneb Courtyard to Memorial Drive is opened every morning at 5am.

 If you are interested in reserving one of these spaces for an event, please email the House Administrator at