Food & Dining Spaces

We have several food and dining spaces in Winthrop. The Dining Hall (DHall) is located in Gore Hall and is the hub of the House. Want to make cookies for your suitemates? You can reserve the student kitchen, located in the basement of Standish Hall. Up late studying? Stop by the Grille in Beren to grab a bite to eat.

Dining Hall

Photo of Dining Hall

Winthrop's beautiful Cashin Family Dining Hall is the center of the Winthrop House community. Located in Gore Hall, it provides so much more than just a place to eat: it is often a hub of activity throughout the day and the evening.... Read more about Dining Hall

Winthrop Grille

winthrop grille beren

The Winthrop Grille is located on the first floor of Beren Hall. Operated by students, the Grille is a critical source of late-night fried food as well as a gathering place for all.... Read more about Winthrop Grille